Bicknell Racing Products


Metal Fab Pro Race Shop is an authorized dealer and distributor of all Bicknell Racing Products and Bicknell Chassis.  

Stocking the largest selection in the tri state area Metal Fab Pro Race shop offers bare frames to complete rollers and all the parts in between.   


Bicknell Racing Products (BRP) offers the most consistent performance on the track providing championship performances. 

BRP Bicknell Racing Products Chassis

When you purchase your Bicknell Chassis from Metal Fab Pro Race shop you will receive the benefits of
FREE, priceless technical advice and support.
Our cars and results are Proven! Just ask any of our customers.


Get your Bicknell Chassis order in today, for this or next years racing season!

Additional Bicknell Racing Products Services from Metal Fab Pro Race Shop 

  • Bicknell  Chassis component selection 
  • Chassis Setup and Consulting 
  • Configuration and Installation of Bicknell Racing Parts
  • Rebuilds and Customization of Bicknell Racing Parts for optimal performance